Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So....this is kind of a sad time because it is the end of the semester and everything seems to be changing. I got a little sad because I started packing up all my crap today! It kind of sucks because some of my really good friends that I would love to continue to make good memories with are depressed. I swear I was talking to one of my friends yesterday and I had to walk away from her because I was about to cry. What can you do? I personally am super stoked for next year! I'm going to have a real apartment, I'm going to be taking new classes, and it is time for a change! I really do not want to go home and lifeguard this summmer, but I need me some money!

Anyway....Happy Spring! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reading Week

That would be a picture of me if I was a boy. I feel like I have been doing non-stop homework assignments and non-stop studying. Ok....that's a lie. I have stopped a couple of times, but still! This week is supposed to be my chance to study for finals! Why do teachers keep assigning us new stuff? Reading week really only starts Friday afternoon at noon and ends Monday morning at 7:30 (My first exam). Oh college....you keep me young, well actually you're giving me gray hair......so I guess I should say that it keeps me on my toes!!

Well I'm off to study!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Psych-o Teacher!

So I am currently taking a social psychology class! I took it this semester even though I didn't have to because I think psychology is super interesting! The human mind is such a deep and interesting place. Well out of the three psychology classes I have taken only one teacher has been normal. My other two teachers are extremely radical and crazy! My professor this semester has been the worst so far.

What could be so bad about him you ask?

Try having every single moral you have ever learned in your life be scrutinized and argued against....that is what is wrong with this guy! We have been learning about free will since we were just little kids and everyone knows that everyone has free will, but every day my psychology professor INSISTS that there is no such thing. "Everything you do is determined by a cause!" Blah blah blah! Of course, but there are usually a couple different causes for different things and you choose which one outweighs the other Mr. Smartypants! I choose everything I do, say, and believe thank you very much!

Also this crazy teacher of mine insisted today in class that nobody does a good deed to actually help someone. People only help others to make themselves feel good which means that every good deed is actually a selfish act...I bet you did not know that one! :p

If you want to argue....don't even think about it! That teacher will through information at you so fast that you wont even remember where you are, let alone what you were arguing about!

This is what college is I guess! A bunch of crazy professors that will attack almost everything yo believe!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Photo Shoot!

So me and my friends decided that since its autumn we definitely need to have a photo shoot! Here are our pictures! Sorry if theres some doubles! Im pretty tired right now!